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Heinrich, 20th-century Swiss pediatrician. See: Prader-Willi syndrome.
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A doctor was called and said former airline pilot Willi had probably died the day before.
I planted my crops a little too close together that first year," Willi says; the tomatoes got late blight.
Willi Betz is chief agent in Bulgaria and Macedonia for DaimlerChrysler and also sells Mitsubishi cars.
Willi Schludecker took part in 120 war flights while serving with the Luftwaffe.
It's not a case of China invading the USA," Willi said.
Allison re-created that old-fashioned feeling around here,'' Willi says Wednesday.
It is such a pity that it is left to the likes of Willi to make amends, rather than the governments of the countries who created the whole sorry episode.
Newcastle Magistrates' Court heard how the 30,000 crowd watched as Willi, Doyle and Stack sprinted over the turf midway through the second half.
com community, Willi Galloway shares her expertise in this new series which encourages consumers to eat fresh fruits and vegetables grown from their own garden.
Decorated flier Willi Schludecker, 87, took part in the blitz on Bath in April 1942 in his Dornier 217E-4 bomber.
Willi Schludecker, 87, took part in the attack on Bath in April 1942 in which 400 people died.
It can hit anyone and was first described by three Swiss doctors ( Prader, Labhart and Willi ( in 1956.