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Daryl Sheldon, 20th-century English dermatologist. See: Sneddon-Wilkinson disease.
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Now, Wilkinson, of Till Street, Byker, is facing a possible prison sentence after he pleaded guilty to one count of theft.
The court was told Wilkinson, who has a number of convictions, had struggled with a drug problem but had it under control until he took some tablets on the day of the offence.
Wilkinson has made cameos on television shows such as "Las Vegas" and "Entourage.
Wilkinson asked Judge Fanning several times for his name - and the spelling of it - and refused to indicate a plea to the charge.
Mr Wilkinson said: "I just remember saying 'pick one of us, if you want to be friends that would be fine if you want to stay with him.
Described by colleagues as composed, genuine and uncompromising in his morals, Wilkinson has served NAA with distinction and guided the organization through several challenges with grace and determination.
Wilkinson's value-for-money principles have resulted in one of the UK's most successful chains of hardware and convenience stores, with more than six million sq ft of trading space and more than four million people visiting a Wilkinson store every week.
Cpt Morgan said his men, including Wilkinson, were engaged in an intense two-day battle with the Taliban just 18 days after arriving in Afghanistan.
It also said that the procedure used to make Mr Wilkinson redundant had been reasonable, and while the company could have included more managers in the selection process or put forward supporting evidence when Mr Wilkinson went for a sales role, not doing this had not led to the process being unfair.
Wilkinson is only six points short of Dan Carter's world record total of 1,250 but he has missed 11 of his 20 shots at goal during the World Cup, the worst record in the tournament.
Summary: Jonny Wilkinson has placed an expiry date on his international career by signing a new two-year contract with French club Toulon.
JONNY WILKINSON has signalled the beginning of the end of his England career after agreeing a two-year contract extension with French club Toulon.