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(wĭl′kĭnz), Maurice Hugh Frederick 1916-2004.
British biophysicist. He shared a 1962 Nobel Prize for his contributions to the determination of the structure of DNA.
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If it hasn't become apparent, Wilkins is the half of the partnership who likes to talk even though he's not the salesman.
He was preceded in death by his parents; five brothers, Jim Wilkins, Carl Wilkins, Doug Wilkins, Ralph Wilkins and Wendell Wilkins; and sister, Wanda Hart.
This new colorful Wilkins line comes in three exciting flavors.
In the new senior position, Wilkins will have the responsibility for all of the company's US sales and business development operations.
A motorist saw him weaving across the road and stepped in when Wilkins stopped to do a U-turn, taking the keys from his Mercedes and flagging down a passing police car.
The NAACP itself remains understudied by historians, and until a fuller picture is developed of its wide range of activities in the 1950s and 1960s, especially those launched by its branches, it will remain difficult to assess definitively the effectiveness of Wilkins and other NAACP leaders.
I believe you've lost the privilege to live in our society," Wilkins, who had named her unborn child Aurora, told Lane at the sentencing hearing Friday.
But that was rejected by Judge Peter Carr who said he was satisfied Wilkins, 25, of Falklands Close, Whitestone, Nuneaton, had caused the damage deliberately.
Wilkins will oversee the Bank s strategic planning and operations and share responsibility for the conduct of monetary policy as a member of the Bank s Governing Council.
Mr Wilkins, 41, who is married to Sofia, 28, and has a son Felix, three, and a daughter Matilda, 10 months, was previously a curate in Bath.
1st Central Group said the family saloon belonging to James Wilkins and his wife Tara was a greater risk in the lock-up because "something could fall off a shelf on to the car.