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(wĭl′kĭnz), Maurice Hugh Frederick 1916-2004.
British biophysicist. He shared a 1962 Nobel Prize for his contributions to the determination of the structure of DNA.
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Wilkins said he was again "helping out a friend" by giving someone a lift and emphasised he entered a guilty plea then too.
Wilkins has been a member of college's board since 2013 as well as chief executive officer from December 2013 until his retirement in December 2015.
Former escort Wilkins was set upon outside Plymouth crown court during a break.
The ruthless 40-year-old even took the confused victim to Lloyds bank in Handsworth to withdraw PS4,000 in cash, where Wilkins' dishonesty finally came to light.
Wilkins will practice from the law firm's Princeton office.
Wilkins, who served as both a state senator and state representative, took the bribes in exchange for "influencing Arkansas state legislation and transactions," including steering about $245,000 in state funds to his co-conspirators, according to a press release from the U.S.
Wilkins died following a heart attack on April 4, aged 61.
Wilkins was placed in an induced coma at St George's Hospital in London last week after suffering cardiac arrest.
TRIBUTES have been pouring in for former Chelsea captain Ray Wilkins, who died in hospital yesterday following a cardiac arrest.