Wilkie, David P.D.

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David P.D., Scottish surgeon, 1882-1938.
Wilkie artery - the right colic artery when it occasionally crosses the duodenum.
Wilkie disease - partial or complete block of the superior mesenteric artery. Synonym(s): superior mesenteric artery syndrome
Wilkie syndrome
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If weight loss that develops in a short time and flatulence after meals are present in the history in patients presenting with vomiting, Wilkie syndrome should definitely be considered in the differential diagnosis, and patients should be investigated in this regard.
In the first patient, a girl aged 13 years suffering from congenital selenoprotein-defective myopathy, Wilkie syndrome [19], severe scoliosis, hypoxic brain disorder, pulmonary hypertension, and respiratory insufficiency necessitating continuous ventilation therapy for 2 months, insertion of the RJFT allowed for jejunal feeding and weight gain (Figure 8).
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