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fo·go sel·va·gem

(fō'gō sel'vă-jem),
A form of pemphigus foliaceus, occurring in southern Brazil, in which the lesions are bullous, appear localized to the face and upper trunk, become widespread, variegated, erythrodermic, and exfoliative, and are immunologically indistinguishable from pemphigus foliaceus or vulgaris.
[Pg. wild fire]
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Dermatology See Fogo selvagem
Public safety An uncontrolled fire—e.g., forest fire, scrub fire—that occurs in sparsely or unpopulated regions
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The HTC Wildfire X features a 6.22-inch IPS display at 1520 x 720 pixels with a waterdrop notch.
Guy Carpenter will provide strategic reinsurance and advisory services to develop a risk transfer and reinsurance strategy for the California Wildfire Fund.
More than 13 units of special equipment and 59 employees of the department of emergency situation of the regional police department are involved in fighting the wildfire.
Located at the company's headquarters in San Francisco and opened in May 2018 as an additional safety precaution to help further address the growing risk of wildfires, the emergency center serves as PG&E's 24/7 hub for monitoring wildfire risks and coordinating prevention and response efforts across Northern and Central California.
The wildfires have been devastating Siberia since last week.
The Fort McMurray wildfire broke out in May 2016 in Alberta and brought about the largest wildfire evacuation in the province's history, with upwards of 88,000 people forced from their homes.
The creation of a fund that would allow utilities to pay for wildfire damage claims sent PG&E Corp shares soaring nearly 12 percent before closing 3.95 percent higher on Friday.
Wildfire Lead at West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service Dale Gardiner said "While we have not yet determined a cause of the fire, this is amongst the biggest moorland fires we have had to deal with in recent years.
Key milestones in assessing the ultimate impact of catastrophic wildfires on PG&E and PCG include release of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection's (Cal Fire) reports on the cause of the Tubbs and Camp wildfires; prospective regulatory/legislative action to provide recovery of liabilities associated with 2018 firestorms; implementation of regulatory mechanisms to facilitate wildfire cost recovery under S.B.
Giachelli said forest management activities used include prescribed burning, installing fire lanes/ fire breaks, and properly-timed thinning to mitigate hazardous fuel for wildfires. Fire lanes also provide access to the property in the event of a wildfire to help MFC wildland firefighters reach containment as quickly as possible.