Wild Child

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A film by François Truffaut about a ‘wild child’—later named Victor—who was found in a French forest ±150 years ago, and believed to have been raised with little human contact
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Mimi and Angel look for true love as they face the harsh reality of life as HIV-positive, while the businesslike Joanne seeks commitment from her wildchild girlfriend Maureen.
Former wildchild Davinia Taylor is making her TV comeback, returning to Hollyoaks after almost two decades.
There are already over 1,500 classes populating the site and parents can choose from unique kids' programs such as Tilly's Dance Factory for dance and Wildchild Activities, which offers classes in archery, skateboarding, and outdoor bushcraft.
Dani Osvaldo (Porto) A bit of a wildchild, but Martinez could be well-placed to bring the best out of the former Southampton man, who is now in need of a new challenge.
Katherine, before her metamorphosis, is a wildchild, tearing the heads off teddy bears, terrorising sister Bianca (Katy Helps again) and frightening off potential suitors much to the chagrin of her Welsh-accented father Baptista (Ffion Glyn).
ton Hollywood hell-raiser Lindsay Lohan managed to cross paths with wildchild singer Miley Cyrus over the weekend at a nightclub in New York.
WILDCHILD Justin Bieber has got into another nightclub bust-up after rowing with a DJ over his choice of music.
The beautiful artwork and simple text reveals the happy wildchild of nature who lies dormant in all of us, and we are encouraged to understand and respect those who are different.
The Quality of Light by Richard Collins Now, a young woman who might be a student, well dressed in a scruffy sort of way, sexy, something of the hedonistic wildchild about her.
is a leading designer, importer and wholesaler of baby clothes and accessories under the well-recognized brands, Bon Be Be, Ren Rofe Baby and Wildchild.
Bonkers Balotelli first earned his reputation as a wildchild during his Inter Milan youth days and has lived up to that billing since arriving at Manchester City 18 months ago.