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Infectious disease An animal of the class Leporidae that may carry various pathogens: Brucella suis biotype 2, Cheyletiella infestation, Francisella tularensis, plague, Q-fever, Trichophyton
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Hepatitis E virus in wild rabbits and European brown hares in Germany.
Yes, domestic rabbits can eat anything wild rabbits do, but in moderation.
ONE woman wants her TV fixed, one man has lost his ball on the roof of a school and another is worried about a wild rabbit on a main road.
Average daily feed intake was higher (P (Less than) 0.01) in heavier wild rabbits, but the proportion of dry matter consumed relative to live weight did not change (P (Greater than) 0.05) with the animals' live weight, suggesting that this value is constant throughout maturity.
The management of wild rabbit populations is challenging in areas where they have value as a game species, but make up an agricultural pest.
He heads to an Exeter nightclub to continue his mission to get wild rabbits back onto the British menu.
He had wild rabbits hanging from the poles and would charge ninepence for them.
The department recommends vaccination for pet rabbits which are kept in rural areas and may come into contact with wild rabbits.
One warning: Wild rabbits can have Tularemia spores on them, and they can be transmitted to humans.
For years, I have observed that wild rabbits will remain motionless as long as I stare in their direction.
In Houston, there were no human cases and after officials took precautionary measures that included increased human surveillance, environmental sampling and testing of wild rabbits and rodents, they determined that the bacteria levels were indeed naturally occurring and not the result of a terrorist attack.
Q I AM plagued by wild rabbits in my garden and wonder if there are any plants which they don't like to eat?