Wilcoxon test

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Frank, U.S. chemist and statistician, 1892-1962.
Wilcoxon test - nonparametric test.
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Table 4 shows descriptive statistics (median and interquartile range) and Wilcoxon test results for the comparison of adolescents' accelerometer-measured PA and sedentary behavior during out-of-school time between HCA and non-HCA days.
The Wilcoxon test results in Table 7 indicate significant differences between FTBA-TC and the other two algorithms.
A significant difference was noted between the initial (5 dB nHL) and the immediate post-exposure ABR thresholds in the noise subgroups (25 dB nHL, 35 dB nHL, 15 dB nHL, and 17.50 dB nHL for the 3rd hour group, 12th hour group, 24th hour group, and the 28th day group, respectively) (p<0.05, Wilcoxon test) (Figure 1).
Since Expected value under H0 is less than the Wilcoxon test Statistic (S), it is the left-tailed test.
Data were also submitted to the Wilcoxon test, as evidence of changes is sought in company behavior comparing data from different periods in paired samples.
Table 4: Results obtained by the Multiple-Problem Wilcoxon test for twenty-one test functions at D = 10.
Gehan, "A generalized Wilcoxon test for comparing arbitrarily singly-censored samples," Biometrika, vol.
The Wilcoxon test was used to compare pre-CPAP patients with the CPAP group.
In this paper, the K-S test, T test, and Wilcoxon test algorithms are implemented using MATLAB R2012a.
However we do not find a statistically significant difference when using the Wilcoxon test. The levels of sales abroad even indicate stronger levels of internationalization than the distribution of the workforce.
Wilcoxon test and interquartile range (IqR) were used to analyse the data and show the data scattering in this study.