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(vē′länt′), Heinrich Otto 1877-1957.
German chemist. He won a 1927 Nobel Prize for his research on bile acids.
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This year's retrospective exhibition at the Wagner museum presents Wieland and his stripped-down aesthetic, short on naturism and long on symbolism, as ground zero for the rehabilitation.
Wieland was convicted of a computer crime in the state of Maine and has since spent every day working hard to improve the life of his family.
Wesighan said the Judge Wieland Inn of Court is only the second inn of court for workers' compensation practitioners in the state, following Jacksonville.
Participants/Artists: Achim Wieland (Direction/Idea), Dramaturgy/Script: With the Performers, Marios Ioannou, Elena Kallinikou (Performers), Marianna Suri (Soprano) and Guest Performer Oya Akin, Lilia Khatchatrian (Piano), Sossee Eskidjian (Set,Costume), Giorgos Lazoglou (Light Design), Panos Bartzis (Sound/Musical Advisor).
17, 2003, Wieland joined a group of women who blocked the gate at Westover Air Force Base in Chicopee, Mass.
In the process of doing this, Dr Wieland demolishes Darwinian Evolutionism--the idea that we humans began as a one cell organism a very great while ago, and progressed through multiple cell organisms, to invertebrates, then to vertebrates by a process called natural selection and then, sharing on the way a common ancestor with the chimpanzee, we became separated some 8 million years ago into human stock and through development at different rates, several different races emerged.
Liza Wieland is one of those writers: her descriptions are filled with potent symbolism and her carefully crafted words deliver a powerful emotional punch without being melodramatic.
The decision on Bulgaria's potential Schengen entry is to be made on March 27 2011,m according to the EU Parliament's Deputy Chairman Rayner Wieland.
Jay Fliegelman, whose introduction to Wieland for the Penguin edition was one of the best to date).
by Terry Wieland in the August issue with interest.
Meanwhile, John Wieland, CEO of John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods in Smyrna, Ga.
In addition, Bill Wieland is executive vice president of wholesale and custom brands.