Wiedenbach, Ernestine

[wē′dənbak] (1900-1996)
a German-born American nursing educator and writer. She taught maternal and newborn health nursing at Yale School of Nursing, was a leader in family-centered maternity nursing, and developed the full range of the art and science of obstetric nursing.
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Our panelists--Allie Schieffelin, chairman and CEO, The Lighting Quotient; Lara Cordell, director of technology/national account executive, Wiedenbach Brown; Melissa Deutsch Stein, CEO, Stan Deutsch Associates (SDA); Jennifer Jaques, owner, Lighting Application Sciences; and Kim Mercier, principal, Lighting Design Innovations and IES past president--helped immensely by suggesting many of the topics discussed here.
He signed the pictures R Wiedenbach and the story of the strange encounter with the German came home with Bernard in late 1945.
International Resource News-May 27, 2013--Veolia Environmental Services honours Wiedenbach Brown(C)1994-2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
2) Nursing theorists like Peplau, Paterson, Zderad, Orlando, Travelbee, Wiedenbach, and King from the Interactionist School; Rogers, Newman, and Rizzo from the School of unitary human beings; Watson Leininger from the School of Caring, among others, have founded in phenomenology one of its important theoretical bases to progress in knowledge about caring.
These steps referred in particular to the methodology for nursing theory development according to Chinn and Kramer (1995) and James, Dickoff and Wiedenbach (1968).
Mutual decision making is an integral concept of the Wiedenbach Nursing Theory.
The fieldwork resulted in a practice-orientated model, developed during a process of theory generating, according to the principles of Dickoff, James and Wiedenbach (1968: 415-435).
Chris Brown of Wiedenbach Brown, an electrical parts supplier, who is the chair of BOMA's energy committee, also took part in some of the discussions.
This year's panelists are Christopher Brown, CEO of Wiedenbach Brown; Dawn Hollingsworth, lighting group manager, Stantec; Scott Muse, recently retired president of Hubbell Lighting; Ann Reo, vice president of SSL solutions for Eaton's Cooper Lighting and founder of IO Lighting; and FX Souvay, president/CEO of Lumenpulse.
La interaccion profesional entre el cuidador y la persona cuidada es uno de los actos de Enfermeria que Wiedenbach describe como "deliberados porque estan dirigidos al cumplimiento de un objetivo especifico, aplicados con criterios y conocimiento sobre lo que significa lo que las personas expresan en forma verbal o no verbal" (8).
Nurses have a long history of scrutinizing patients' perceptions of the quality of health care services (Risser, 1975; Wiedenbach, 1964).