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A popular term for severe stenosis of the left anterior descending coronary artery, so named as its acute occlusion is classically associated with sudden death in (married) middle-aged men
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THE MONEY: K-19: The Widowmaker was torpedoed in its opening weekend, coming in fourth with pounds 9 million, behind Stuart Little 2, Road To Perdition and Men In Black II.
Jerry McCabe, 52, was gunned down by a masked gang using Kalashnikov AK47 rifles - the IRA widowmaker - while escorting a post office bullion van.
On a double black-diamond run named the Widowmaker, I slipped on a steep, icy patch and zoomed head-first towards infinity before executing a neat headplant into a friendly mogul.
VARIETY BOX OFFICE Reported TITLE/DISTRIBUTOR Box Office 7/19-7/21 (weekend) Road to Perdition (DreamWorks/20th) $15,412,515 Stuart Little 2 (Sony) 15,115,152 Men in Black II (Sony) 14,552,335 K-19: The Widowmaker (Par/Intermedia) 12,778,459 Reign of Fire (BV/Spyglass) 7,317,994 Mr.
He will be joining other celebrity guests, Charlet Chung and Chloe Hollings, who voice the characters of D Va and Widowmaker in the popular video-game Overwatch, and actor Jerome Flynn, known for his role of Bronn in the hit TV series Game of Thrones.
Blizzard is already giving away a free Sarah Kerrigan skin (before she goes all queen of blades) for Widowmaker so be sure to log into Overwatch and pick that up.
A widowmaker is typically a limb or branch that is no longer attached to a tree, but is still in the canopy either wedged in a crotch, tangled in other limbs, or miraculously balanced on another limb.
The enemy team's Widowmaker appeared to be taking too many accurate shots.
Assassin Widowmaker- In one of the last panels of the comic, we see a message appear on the holoscreen that GAaAaAeA@rard Lacroix has been murdere Lacroix was an Overwatch agent married to Widowmaker when she was still on the same team as him.
Their ultimate goal is to win the Widowmaker, the very top race for racers.
As a bonus, players who pre-purchase will receive the special Noire skin for Widowmaker, Overwatch's ice-cold assassin, at launch.