Georges F.I., French physician, 1862-1929. See: Widal reaction, Widal syndrome, Gruber-Widal reaction, Hayem-Widal syndrome.
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This consultation concerns the maintenance and repair services of equipment whose power is equal to or greater than 5 kva (with the exception of equipment of 4 kva) for the 3 sites of the saint louis university hospital lariboisire f widal.
All children presenting with fever of [greater than or equal to] 3 days were subjected to undergo following investigations: Hb (Haemoglobin), TLC (Total Leukocyte Count), PLC (Platelet count), CRP (C-Reactive Protein), LFT (Liver Function Test), WIDAL, Blood C and S (culture and sensitivity), USG Abdomen and CXR (Chest X-Ray).
Tests for Monospot, Widal, cytomegalovirus, and Epstein-Barr virus were all negative.
Results for all 31 were negative for malaria and dengue; the Widal test of serum samples for enteric fever from 1 student and 2 local residents showed high antibody titers against Salmonella enterica serotype Typhi.
A single positive Widal test is of limited value in endemic countries as the baseline titres cannot be established with adequate accuracy.
Investigations included are complete hemogram, platelet count, blood culture, widal test, malaria-thick and thin smear, dengue-NS1 IC card, IgM ELISA, Leptospirosis--IgM ELISA, urine examination and USG abdomen.
It describes the nature and identification of the etiological agent, Salmonella; two famous outbreaks (the Plague of Athens and the final illness and death of Alexander the Great); the deaths from typhoid fever of major figures in history; the roles of Thomas Willis, William Wood Gerhard, Pierre-Charles-Alexandre Louis, Robert Koch, Walter Reed, William Budd, and others; the diagnostic test developed by Fernand Widal and Albert GrEnbaum; the story of oTyphoid Maryo; the work of Almroth Wright and others in vaccination; typhoid in the American army; and typhoid in the 21st century.
During this period, all the patients who were admitted with clinical diagnosis of enteric fever were investigated for Widal test and blood culture.
Isolation of Salmonella typhi on blood culture remains the best method of diagnosis but many other tests including TUBEX, Typhidot, Widal and others are widely used in developing countries for several reasons.
Widal test, Tubex TF, and TyphiDot), but are less sensitive and less specific than bacterial culture (4).
Widal test, blood and urine culture, X-ray chest and peripheral smear were done to find out the cause of fever and were found negative.
Peripheral smear for malarial parasite, Widal test, blood and urine culture, and abdominal ultrasound examination were normal.