Wickham striae

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Wick·ham stri·ae

fine whitish lines, having a network arrangement, on the surface of lichen planus papules.
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Wickham striae

[L. F. Wickham, Fr. dermatologist, 1861–1913]
Lines that are demonstrable on the buccal mucosa in patients with lichen planus.
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Louis-Frédéric, French dermatologist, 1861-1913.
Wickham striae - fine whitish lines having a network arrangement on the surface of lichen planus papules.
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The main dermatoscopic features of LP are Wickham striae. Other dermatoscopic characteristics frequently recognized are vascular and nonvascular structures, including radial capillaries, red dots, and whitish striae; a brownish diffuse pattern is described as hyperpigmented areas.
The dermatoscopic evaluation of these Koebner lesions showed two different aspects; in Figure 1a they have the classical features of LP with white reticular Wickham striae on a pink background, whereas in Figure lb there is reticular pigmentation on a brown background with blue-gray Wickham striae and brownish globules.
Pearly white areas (Wickham striae) and peripheral striations correspond to compact orthokeratosis above zones of wedge-shaped hypergranulosis, acanthosis, and dermal fibrosis (3, 4).
Wickham striae are a pathognomonic sign of LP and histologically represent the focal thickening of the granular layer of the epidermis.
Although the presence of Wickham striae strongly indicates the diagnosis of LP, their absence cannot rule out the diagnosis with certainty.
The clinical presentation of oral lichen Planus is characteristically described by Dorina et al10 as "The papule is the elementary lesion that characterizes the OLP: their confluence can generate white reticular striae (Wickham striae) or plaques.
Characteristic fine white lines called Wickham striae are often found on the papules.
Wickham striae may also be observed on these lesions.
White streaks known as Wickham striae can cross the surface of lesions.
There may be fine, white, lace-like striae (Wickham striae) on the buccal mucosa, gingiva, and lips.
The hand held dermatoscope improves the recognition of Wickham Striae and capillaries in lichen planus lesions.