Wickham striae

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Wick·ham stri·ae

fine whitish lines, having a network arrangement, on the surface of lichen planus papules.

Wickham striae

[L. F. Wickham, Fr. dermatologist, 1861–1913]
Lines that are demonstrable on the buccal mucosa in patients with lichen planus.


Louis-Frédéric, French dermatologist, 1861-1913.
Wickham striae - fine whitish lines having a network arrangement on the surface of lichen planus papules.
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Characteristic fine white lines called Wickham striae are often found on the papules.
White streaks known as Wickham striae can cross the surface of lesions.
The hand held dermatoscope improves the recognition of Wickham Striae and capillaries in lichen planus lesions.