Shotgun Sequencing

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The sequencing of a large DNA segment by sequencing of randomly-derived subsegments, whose order and orientation within the large segment are unknown until the final assembly of overlapping sequences.
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Whole-genome shotgun sequencing revealed one type of bacteria, Lactobacillus reuteri, which was reduced more than nine-fold in the microbiome of mice born to mothers on the high-fat diet.
Whole-genome shotgun assembly and comparison of human genome assemblies" Sci 287: 21962204(2000)
combining both whole-genome shotgun (WGS) and BAC-to-BAC sequencing (Green, 2001).
As indicated by its name, the GS FLX is an extremely flexible system supporting all sequencing applications, ranging from whole-genome shotgun sequencing to cDNA transcriptome sequencing, to ultradeep sequencing of targeted gene amplicons.
The genome of Aspergillus oryzae was determined by the whole-genome shotgun sequencing method and verified by the optical mapping method.
Whole-genome shotgun assembly and analysis of the genome of Fugu rubripes.
That project, relying on the whole-genome shotgun approach, was completed with unprecedented speed in 1995.
The whole-genome shotgun sequencing method developed by The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) (4) and adopted by many others is highly accurate because of the following qualities: 1) high redundancy in shotgun sequencing (average 7.
While Venter has used the whole-genome shotgun approach successfully on a number of smaller organisms, many scientists doubt a genome of this size can be pieced together accurately.
baumannii was derived from recent clinical isolates and sequenced using a whole-genome shotgun approach, with greater than 6-fold sequence coverage.
2-fold whole-genome shotgun (WGS) assembly wherein the sequence consists of 4,407 contigs and 10,000N (bp) included between each contig.