Whole Genome Shotgun Sequencing

A semi-automated sequencing technique for determining the entire sequence of a particular organism, in which high-molecular-weight DNA is sheared into random fragments, size selected—usually 2, 10, 50, and 150 kb—and cloned into an appropriate vector
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The researchers used the whole genome shotgun sequencing approach, which essentially breaks up the genome into smaller, more workable segments for analysis and then pieces them together.
Assuming ultrahigh-throughput sequencing accuracy improves, there would still be a need for a minimal coverage to achieve completeness in the likely scenario that whole genome shotgun sequencing will be the method used.
In conjunction with the significant preliminary mapping and sequencing progress contributed by Jean Weissenbach's group at GenoScope in Envry, France, Agencourt provided another 2 million double-ended whole genome shotgun sequencing reads required to unveil the mystery of this genome.