cramp bark

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A deciduous shrub, the bark of which contains valeric acid, tannin, viburnin, bitter resin, and vitamin C; it is antispasmodic and used for pregnancy-related menstrual cramps and other forms of colic
Toxicity Uncooked berries are poisonous and may cause GIcolic

black haw

(blak haw)
A small tree (Viburnum prunifolium), the leaves of which are of purported value as an aid to gynecologic disorders, as a therapeutic in pregnancy, and as a topical astringent.
Synonym(s): American sloe, cramp bark, nannyberry, sheepberry, shonny.

cramp bark (krampˑ bärkˑ),

n Latin names:
Viburnum opulus; part used: dried bark; uses: antispasmodic, uterine sedative, prevent or treat scurvy; precautions: none known. Also called
high bush cranberry, snowball bush, guelder rose, and