lateral orbital tubercle

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tubercle, lateral orbital 

A small elevation on the orbital surface of the zygomatic bone just behind and within the orbital margin, about 11 mm below the frontozygomatic suture. It serves as an attachment for the check ligament of the lateral rectus muscle, the lateral palpebral ligament, the suspensory ligament of Lockwood and the levator palpebrae superioris muscle. Syn. Whitnall's tubercle. See ligament of Lockwood; palpebral ligament.
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There is a labyrinth of connective tissues attached to Whitnall's tubercle and as patients age, there is laxity of the septum, retinaculum, and orbicularis; rounding of the lateral canthal angle; and a negative intercanthal tilt that develops as the lateral canthus drops in relation to the medial canthus, said Dr.
This can occasionally be from failure of the reconstructed or plicated lateral canthal tendon, but this is a very robust structure, and when properly fixated to the periosteum of Whitnall's tubercle, failure is unlikely," Dr.
The lower canthal tendon is then suspended to the periosteum over Whitnall's tubercle with a 4-0 polydioxanone or 4-0 Mersilene suture (figure 1, C).
Slight asymmetry in two sides was present at the frontal eminence, porion, gonion, zygion, and Whitnall's tubercle (outer canthus), where left measurements were slightly greater than were those of the right.