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Alfred, English surgeon, 1876-1946. See: Whitmore disease.
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Versatile Tony and Emmy Award-winning actor James Whitmore died Feb.
SHAWSHANK Redemption actor James Whitmore has died aged 87.
Thats how United States Air Force Chaplain Eric Whitmore described his first visit to the Indira Ghandhi Institute of Child since his arrival to the International Security Assistance Force headquarters in Kabul recently.
Ian Whitmore paints skillful pastiches of decadent, rococo confections, sprinkling them with gestural abstraction and hints of Koonsian kitsch.
Steve Whitmore invented and developed the Freedom Carrier for his wife Zelda who is an MS sufferer and uses a mobility scooter.
Kelly Ann Barton, three-time veteran of the program, and Keelan Whitmore gave it their all.
Pennisi, FNYHC president and senior partner at Pennisi Daniels & Norelli, LLP will moderate a panel of insurance specialists including Robert Mackoul, Mackoul Associates, Mary Lesnewski, The Whitmore Group, Andrew Schutzman, AMS Risk Management, and Adam Finkelstein, Wagner Davis and Gold.
This same study also supported Whitmore's (1980) contention that these students are at more risk of having lower self-concepts and of facing rejection by their peers than are gifted students.
Whitmore assembled 11 other firms for the contract, which calls for a major upgrade of operations and logistics at the Patuxent Naval Air Station in Maryland and across the United States.
Top it off with leathery-faced actor James Whitmore, a genuine history buff starring in the role inspired by famous defense attorney Clarence Darrow.
Actor, narrator, and tree-hugger James Whitmore warmed up the crowd, saying he hoped the film, which aired on PBS stations across the country in April and May, would inspire children to plant and care for trees.