Whitman frame

Whit·man frame

a frame similar to the Bradford frame, but with curved sides.
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Whit·man frame

(wit'măn frām)
A frame similar to the Bradford frame, but with curved sides.
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Royal, U.S. surgeon, 1857-1946.
Whitman arch support
Whitman arthroplasty
Whitman femoral neck reconstruction
Whitman fracture appliance
Whitman fracture frame
Whitman frame - similar to the Bradford frame but with curved sides.
Whitman operation
Whitman osteotomy
Whitman paralysis
Whitman plate
Whitman talectomy procedure
Whitman technique
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See, for example, his early story "Bervance: or, Father and Son" (1841), which begins with the claim that, "almost incredible as it may seem, there is more truth than fiction in the following story." In "Revenge and Requital: A Tale of a Murderer Escaped" (1845), another villainous-lawyer tale, Whitman frames the narrative as one of "mainly true incidents (for such they are)." (35) They are not, of course.
In the 1855 Leaves of Grass, Whitman frames the wounded body as a locus for radical declarations of empathic personal effusion: "I am the wounded slave," his speaker famously declares in the poem that would become "Song of Myself," "I wince at the bite of the dogs ...