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Royal, U.S. surgeon, 1857-1946. See: Whitman frame.
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One might also note that the field of comparative biography--Holmes's claim to a new discipline notwithstanding--was anticipated in Whitman studies well over half a century ago by critic and biographer Gay Wilson Allen in his substantial bibliographic essay surveying Whitman biography.
Whitman had been touted as a potential replacement for deposed chief executive Travis Kalanick, who had been forced to step down after increased dissent among a number of the company's senior investors following accusations of sexism and harassment within the company.
Que Whitman en grave numero de sus paginas fue esa desdicha, es cosa que no niego; basteme demostrar que en otras mejores fue poeta de un laconismo tremulo y suficiente, hombre de destino comunicado, no proclamado.
Because Whitman understood the action of labor as a defining aspect of the individual, he created and refined his authorial persona through his professions.
Whitman leaves a loving family and a large group of friends who will miss her.
Such a link seems natural enough, since Whitman attributed a sexual energy to the natural order all along, as, for example, in the following passage, an apostrophe to the sun: "As for thy throes, thy perturbation, sudden breaks and shafts of flame gigantic,/ I understand them, I know those flames, those perturbations well.
But as invited participants and interested locals (some of whom were perhaps on their way to the Coat Factory) migrated into the tent, I was surprised by the canny way in which Whitman and his collaborators instigated a kind of collective action with mobile communication, one fundamentally different from the taut coordination of flash-mob pranks or WTO protests.
With a staff of experienced metalcasters and professional patternmakers, Whitman expects to sort, inspect and catalogue truckloads of patterns that will be stored and released when instructed by the OEM.
In itself, this sort of argument about Whitman is not particularly new.
Flanders says that Bushwomen tend to get a pass from the mainstream media, and that Christine Todd Whitman illustrates this.
Every aspect of this project at 1307 Walt Whitman Road represents a classic real estate transaction.
Whitman originally assembled documents, briefs and arguments pertinent to Brown.