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Drug slang A regional street term for isobutyl nitrite
Imaging Lung opacification The opacification of one or both lungs on a plain AP film of the chest, which typically occurs in pneumonia, but may also be seen in heart failure
Substance abuse A generic term for commercial products used to correct typed or written errors on paper documents by painting over them with an opaque white, rapid-drying liquid
Vox populi A weather condition in which visibility and contrast are severely reduced by snow, with loss of a visual horizon and reference points, resulting in marked disorientation. It may be due to extremely heavy snowfall rate or other factors such as diffuse lighting from overcast clouds, mist or fog, or a background of snow
Wilderness medicine Sun glare An arctic condition characterised by loss of object visualisation caused by bright sunlight reflecting off snow, resulting in snow blindness
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Shepard, Sandy Coffin, Ryan Gardner and members of the Oklahoma State University Trumpet Studio will move throughout Whiteout.
Pakistani border authorities have also beefed up security and vigilance along the border at Chaman Qila Abdullah district to ensure complete check on the cross border movements."Afghan border officials alleged they had reports that suspects might entered into Afghanistan whiteout being checked on the Chaman border".
The system allows for safe take-off and landing in brownout or whiteout conditions and also provides additional modes for lethality enhancements including targeting, weapons guidance and high bandwidth data communications.
Despite average daily temperatures below zero, strong winds and frequent whiteout conditions, WPC employees completed the project with no accidents or lost-time injuries.
Outcasts (9.00pm) Stella and Tate enlist the help of Tipper when a whiteout of unprecedented strength threatens to destroy Forthaven.
The Whiteout team came to Colorado for a few days and ended up winning the contest for the newest Dew flavor.
Cities largely ground to a halt with governments shut down, public transport scaled back, thousands of flights canceled and some highways closed as snow and powerful winds created whiteout conditions.
Looks like itAAEs been shot in the head!AoThere are plenty of corpses in Whiteout, most of them belonging to a group of Russian soldiers whose cargo plane crashed in Antarctica half a century ago after an in-flight cold war.
Whiteout Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Gabriel Macht, Tom Skerritt, Columbus Short Direction: Dominic Sena
Don't get caught in a whiteout without Bianca ski goggles (no, they haven't been tested by Bianca Jagger), $185 from Prada,
(Once, while on hold with a phone call, they listened to muzak from thousands of miles away.) However, such contact and easy access to rescue did not prevent them from the immediate dangers of whiteout, injuries, frostbite and unseen crevices.