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The opposite of blacklisting, defined in the electronic age as the creation of a list of people or companies from whom a recipient will accept e-mail. Whitelisting filters out spam
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Department of Homeland Security, Application Whitelisting Readiness Questionnaire
Many forms of whitelisting are focused on territories and jurisdictions, including the aforementioned asylum list and the gambling list that forms the case study for this article.
Cyril Perducat, senior vice president software and digital services transformation, Global Solutions, Schneider Electric, said: "The expansion of our security offer to incorporate McAfee whitelisting capabilities enables Schneider Electric to serve our customers more effectively using a modern and secure critical infrastructure environment"
Faronics is the only endpoint security software vendor to offer a comprehensive layered security solution consisting of anti- virus, application whitelisting, and instant system restore protection.
Maharashtra, March 19 -- McAfee today announced that it has delivered the industry's first ever whitelisting security solution for Android based embedded systems.
Whitelisting prevents the bad stuff from being able to get started and allows good software to run and does not rely on previous knowledge about a virus to actually protect against it.
The suites offer a combination of whitelisting, blacklisting and virtualization technologies for protecting servers and virtual desktops.
The company said that the suites offer whitelisting, blacklisting and virtualisation technologies for protecting servers and virtual desktops, providing customers with the ability to protect their physical and virtual servers and virtual desktops with a individual sequence of technologies in a single solution.
There is some light at the end of the tunnel in the form of Application Whitelisting. This technique has two parts.
Application Whitelisting So why so we still have to put up with anti-virus when we have application whitelisting?