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The opposite of blacklisting, defined in the electronic age as the creation of a list of people or companies from whom a recipient will accept e-mail. Whitelisting filters out spam
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Many forms of whitelisting are focused on territories and jurisdictions, including the aforementioned asylum list and the gambling list that forms the case study for this article.
Tom Moore, vice president of worldwide embedded security at McAfee, said: "By combining expertise and technology innovations from both Schneider Electric and McAfee, we will enhance the cybersecurity posture of critical infrastructure customers by providing dynamic whitelisting and ensuring that only approved applications will run, preventing unauthorized changes and access.
Our next generation application control provides everything needed for whitelisting from trusted sources and updaters to a cloud-based system which can rank unknown applications, reinforced with managed administrative privileges.
McAfee Data Center Security Suite for Server provides a complete set of blacklisting, whitelisting, and optimized virtualization support capabilities for basic security on servers of all types
The McAfee Data Centre Security Suite for Server-Hypervisor Edition provides a complete set of blacklisting, whitelisting, and optimised virtualization support capabilities for basic security on servers of all types and is licensed per Hypervisor.
In the context of application whitelisting, the most interesting use of signed code to provide updates and patches for software.
To attend this webinar and to learn more about the effectiveness of Bit9's adaptive application whitelisting solution in stopping modern cyber attacks, register for the “How to Stop Advanced Persistent Threats, Not Innovation” webcast online at http://www.
While whitelisting technology has actually been around for many years, it hasn't received the same attention of its counterpart, anti-virus software, until recently, thanks to increasing threats like zero-day exploits and spear phishing.
lt;p>McAfee indicated its interest in the acquisition centered on Solidcore's whitelisting technology that can set controls on what applications are allowed to run on a computer.
Upgrades to the policy engine help simplify whitelisting of approved business processes, and new decoders provide advanced webmail decoding, encrypted documents detection, and recognition of images embedded in files.
This article is about the politics of whitelisting in commercial security.