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The opposite of blacklisting, defined in the electronic age as the creation of a list of people or companies from whom a recipient will accept e-mail. Whitelisting filters out spam
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The system whitelist has multiple source MAC/IP address pairs.
Current browser based technologies employ whitelists, blacklists, various heuristics to see if a URL is similar to a well-known URL, community ratings and content based heuristics (Cranor et al., 2006) and lately visual similarity (Wenyin et al., 2005).
The official declined to discuss the details of the meeting, including whether Pompeo expressed Washington's position on Tokyo's removal of South Korea from its whitelist.
"One of the more promising approaches for solving the credibility issue is to work with a particular whitelist of accounts.
Tracing the politics of whitelist through their regulatory work and topological imprint
Furthermore, after the installation of Grey Traffic monitoring equipment, as per the directions of Grey Traffic Monitoring Committee, PTA has conducted an extensive audit of the whitelist IPs.
The PTA instructed that cellular mobile operators which are assigned to APNs for GPRS/EDGE that these IPs would be used exclusively for the purpose these will be whitelisted.
Sanctuary provides a prepopulated whitelist that identifies every type of removable media, so there is not much custom definition that needs to be done.
G-Lock SpamCombat filters spam using a combination of powerful filters: Whitelist, Blacklist, HTML Validator, DNSBL filter, and the Bayesian filter.
This basic filtering level works on lists of good e-mail addresses (whitelist) or spammer e-mail addresses or domains (blacklist).
The government said Friday it is reviewing its plan to remove Japan from its own "whitelist" of countries given preferential trading benefits as a retaliatory measure following the Tokyo's decision to delist Korea from its whitelist.
PC Matic's security solution is focused on malware prevention and detection, with the use of application whitelist technology.