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1. a comedo whose opening is not widely dilated, appearing as a small, flesh-colored papule; because the keratin and sebum produced cannot escape, it may rupture and cause an inflammatory lesion in the dermis. See also acne vulgaris. Called also closed comedo.
2. popular name for milium.
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Walter, English surgeon, 1840-1913. See: Whitehead deformity, Whitehead operation.
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(wīt′hĕd′, hwīt′-)
1. A skin lesion consisting of a hair follicle that is occluded with sebum and keratin, appearing white at the surface.
2. See milium.
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(1) Closed comedo.
(2) Milia, see there.
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, pl. milia (mil'ē-ŭm, -ă)
A small subepidermal keratin cyst, usually multiple and therefore commonly referred to in the plural.
Synonym(s): whitehead (1) .
[L. millet]

closed co·me·do

(klōzd kom'ĕ-dō)
A comedo with a narrow or obstructed opening on the skin surface; closed comedos may rupture, producing a low-grade dermal inflammatory reaction.
Synonym(s): whitehead (2) .
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