White Hat

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A colloquial term for 'the good guys'—e.g., white hat hackers
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NTT Security Corporation (Tokyo), a specialised security company and the centre of excellence in security for the NTT Group (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation) (TYO: 9432) announced on Tuesday the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire WhiteHat Security, a leading application security provider committed to securing applications that run enterprises' businesses.
NTT Security said by bringing WhiteHat Security into its portfolio, the company is positioned to deliver on its vision of securing a smart and connected society by providing comprehensive security solutions for enterprises undergoing digital transformation.
As news about data breaches inundated the public in 2017, WhiteHat Security saw a chance to capitalize on it and build a reputation as a trusted source for security-related topics as people searched for answers.
According to the 2017 WhiteHat Security report, insufficient authorization is one of the top classes of vulnerabilities found as critical.
In the Matter of THE COMPANIES ACT, 2014 and In the Matter of Whitehat Restaurant Limited Conroy Recycling Co.
WhiteHat Security has joined the FS-ISAC affiliate program, the company said.
The report by WhiteHat Security also notes that most of the time the sites contain more than just a single vulnerability.
IBM was seen as the most important vendor in the space, but it was Veracode's and WhiteHat Security's products that ranked highest with their customers.
For example, WhiteHat 2013 demonstrated that 86% of the tested websites had 1 to 56 serious vulnerabilities and only 61% of the vulnerabilities could be resolved, but doing so required an average of 193 days from first customer notification.
Wineberg says his actions were "completely lawful and within the requirements specified by Facebook's Whitehat program."