White Hat

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A colloquial term for 'the good guys'—e.g., white hat hackers
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For Germany's dedicated white-hat hackers and computer nerds, it's the biggest, best festival of the year.
The Cavalry wants to position itself as a sort of white-hat standard-setting agency, working with companies to increase awareness of cybersecurity issues and shore up defenses.
A recent study revealed that both white-hat and black-hat hackers understand the consequences of illegal hacking, however, college students do not.
WHITE-HAT HACKERS Ian de'Wessington, left, and Ian Fraser who run IT security firm Phortress
At least it did until Aviel Rubin decided to let others in on computer technology secrets with his book White-Hat Security Arsenal.
On the cover of White-Hat Security Arsenal: Tackling the Threats is a huge football player who represents a hacker.
The method's white-hat reputation was muddied last May by a Cornell University study showing that in the laboratory, nearly half of young monarch caterpillars died after 4 days of eating leaves dusted with Bt pollen (SN: 5/22/99, p.
More people should write about the white-hat hackers and fewer about the black-hat hackers.
According to stuff.co.nz, SnapChat had implement the latest security feature after it admitted that white-hat hackers had breached its user database that exposed millions of usernames and phone numbers exposed to criminals.
The packages consist of strategies the firm claims are entirely white-hat in nature.
White-hat hackers are recruited to ward off black-hat hackers, and there are even gray-hat hackers, like the LOpht (pronounced "loft") collective in Boston, which searches for security flaws and then makes the information available to anyone.