White Hat

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A colloquial term for 'the good guys'—e.g., white hat hackers
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Some of the people who participate in CCC's annual congresses engage in classic white-hat hacker stunts like probing computer vote-counting systems for vulnerabilities and then gleefully announcing the results if they find something tasty.
But if you're in Europe next year (2018) between Christmas and New Year's, and techno-nerdy white-hat hacking, maker fairs, and digital freedom are your cup of tea, you might like to consider attending.
A recent study revealed that both white-hat and black-hat hackers understand the consequences of illegal hacking, however, college students do not.
There is a seemingly endless list of groups on the white-hat side including many CERTs (Computer Emergency Responses Teams) the ECSG (European Cyber Security Group) the HITRUST Cyber Security Working Group and many more.
White-hat hackers who believe in the rule of law form communities of practice that help in creating ethical frameworks to guide activities within the discipline.
At least it did until Aviel Rubin decided to let others in on computer technology secrets with his book White-Hat Security Arsenal.
White-Hat Security Arsenal is written at various levels and for various audiences--the home computer user, the small business entrepreneur, the law firm computer systems supervisor, and everyone else all the way up to the corporate vice president.
White-Hat Security Arsenal should be read by every conscientious RIM professional.
Readers looking for practical, hard-hitting answers about information security will find White-Hat Security Arsenal: Tackling the Threats an excellent resource to tackle.
We've always offered white-hat SEO content and management services according to individual client needs.
But when asked to explain how the white-hat naysayers suggest a person should build and market a website naturally, Vendilli just laughs.