White Hat

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A colloquial term for 'the good guys'—e.g., white hat hackers
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Blanche's name had barely passed her husband's lips before Blanche herself verified Sir Patrick's prediction, by reappearing at the open French window, with the superseded white hat in her hand.
On reconsideration, I think the white hat with the low crown is the most becoming of the two.
Saying which, the man in the white hat set to work upon a top-boot with increased assiduity.
In the silence that followed, a very bewildeing silence so far as March was concerned, they saw the quaint figure of the Duke of Westmoreland, with his white hat and whiskers, approaching them across the garden.
Among the queer incidents of that afternoon, March always remembered something almost comical about the clear picture of the old gentleman in his wonderful white hat carefully stepping from stone to stone across the river, like a figure crossing the traffic in Piccadilly.
Fisher on the subject of a white hat, but Sir John Harker struck it more decisively:
said Prince Saradine, and clapping on his white hat he went to the front door himself, flinging it open on the sunset garden.
A white hat and blue feather, a muslin dress to match, and the loveliest mantle you ever saw.
He spoke to a postboy who was dozing under the gateway; and who, after hearing what he wanted, referred him to the ostler; who after hearing all he had to say again, referred him to the landlord; who was a tall gentleman in a blue neckcloth, a white hat, drab breeches, and boots with tops to match, leaning against a pump by the stable-door, picking his teeth with a silver toothpick.
My dear Nickleby,' said the gentleman, taking off a white hat which was so full of papers that it would scarcely stick upon his head,
Rather than launching cyberattacks on unsuspecting victims, white hats use their knowledge for the benefit of cybersecurity.
A total of 264 white hat hackers from around the world participated in the programme, of which 100 were from the local white hat community and 164 - inclusive of 57 of the top 100 ranked white hats in HackerOne's network - were from HackerOne's international network of white hat hackers.