White Stuff

A regional term for cocaine, heroin, or any other white abuse substance
References in classic literature ?
They seemed to me then to be brown men; but their limbs were oddly swathed in some thin, dirty, white stuff down even to the fingers and feet: I have never seen men so wrapped up before, and women so only in the East.
He had been wondering, with his eyes fixed on the magistrates' powder, whether all boards were born with that white stuff on their heads, and were boards from thenceforth on that account.
She was clad in some kind of soft white stuff, which clung close to her form, showing to the full every movement of her sinuous figure.
More of this white stuff was falling through the air.
The doctor found something that gave him great comfort--some white stuff that we kept in a great bottle on the chimney-piece.
I knew the bottle he meant; the white stuff that was good for his stomach.
Billows of white stuff lay between the chairs on the cabin floor; I caught the words "Zwei und dreissig Pfund" repeated several times, and presently came the beer, which seemed delicious to my throat, parched with running and the emotions of the chase.
From the insides of this boat they were taking out great pieces of white stuff, which, in a little while, turned to water.
The success of the White Stuff was confirmed last month at the International Dairy Federation conference in New Zealand, when it was named best campaign in the world by the International Milk Promotion Committee.
CHILDREN in Warwickshire are being encouraged to drink more of the white stuff.
Now, the 44-year-old has been asked to disrobe in the advert while drinking a glass of milk under the headline, The White Stuff.