White Spider

An arachnoid skin lesion characterised by concentric geographic scarring and ulceration caused by fibrosis emanating centrifugally from the site of injection of illicit drugs, a typical post-mortem sign of subcutaneous heroin injection—skin ‘popping’
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Even though the iconic white spider symbol is not on Venom's chest everything else about him on the big screen is as close as it can get to his comic book origins, from his alter ego (Eddie Brock), to his personality with and without the symbiote attached to him, and to his fighting skills and all other aspects about him.
100 amber LED connectable fairy lights clear cable, PS25; Jaunty Jack lifesize LED pumpkin, PS12.99; 2 purple glitter LED glitter candles, PS3.99; 3 charcoal black tissue paper pom poms, PS1.99; 60g white spider web and 6 spiders, PS1.99; 24 black plastic spiders 5cm size, Halloween decoration, 99p, all Lights4Fun
Meanwhile, Bob Newell from Marske has reported spotting a brown and white spider with hooped legs in his garden shed.
The canopy engulfed in a white spider web of static electricity crawling front to back in a matter of seconds.
White spider monkeys (genus Ateles): description of an unusual color change.
Ken's ridiculous white spider fly put 50 bluegills in the cooler one memorable day.
Like its later incarnation, "In White" is a sonnet, and it has a similar obsessive rhyme scheme, almost completely dominated by rhymes with "white." The two poems share a basic plot: the speaker finds a sinister coincidence in the placement of a white spider and its victim, a white moth, on an albino version of a flower that is usually blue.
Black and White Spider Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence in black and white photography.
It was accented by mini white calla lilies with a cluster of white spider mums completing the clean, crisp look.
He does so when he portrays Moustique's horror of coming into contact with a pregnant, white spider that he subsequently kills:
Contrary to the textbook scenario, though, a white spider on a white flower doesn't catch more prey than a white spider on a yellow flower, researchers report online November 4 in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.