White Meat

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Traditionally any lighter-coloured meat, often contrasted with red meat. White meat or light meat also refers to the lighter-coloured meat of poultry, as contrasted with 'dark meat'. The exact definition of white meat varies by time, place, and culture.
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"Here we show that eating white meat decreases your risk, and eating red meat increases it, by a small amount," Dale Sandler, senior study author and an epidemiologist with the National Institutes of Health, said.
Government dietary guidelines have encouraged the consumption of poultry as a healthier alternative to red meat, but there had been no comprehensive comparison of the effects of red meat, white meat, and nonmeat proteins on blood cholesterol.
"I was surprised that the effect of white meat on cholesterol levels was identical to the effects of red meat," said Dr Ronald Krauss, study author and director of atherosclerosis research at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute.PLANT PROTEINSSaturated fats, most of which come from animal sources (butter, beef fat and poultry skin), increase the concentration of "bad" cholesterol in one's bloodstream which can result in a heart attack or stroke.
All the participants, who refrained from consuming alcohol during the study, cycled through three test diets: red meat diet, white meat diet and then a no meat diet.
Whether it's the holiday season or you're just looking to drop a few pounds, how many times have you heard that you should go for the white meat instead of the dark meat?
White meat was defined as lighter-colored meat from poultry and rabbits, while "processed meat" referred to bacon, poultry sausage, deli meats, ham, and hot dogs.
LAHORE -- White meat is fulfilling 50 percent poultry needs in the country and it is an inexpensive source of providing protein as compared to red meat.
KUWAIT, Dec 5 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti Municipality's Food Safety Commission has recommended lifting the ban on white meat imports from Italy, India, Turkey, Romania, and Bulgaria.
"Tender White Meat Chicken," says the label of Marie Callender's Cheesy Chicken & Bacon Pot Pie.
According to data released by the Tunisian Union of Agriculture and Fisheries (UTAP), the poultry sector provides 59% of white meat and covers 100% of domestic needs in consumption eggs.
The project is expected to produce 60,000 tons at its final stage; three folds the current production of the biggest white meat production project in the Sultanate.