White Man's Disease

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A reference to the predominance of adult white males among suicide victims
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Marthinus earlier cited one of the major barriers to action as the government's perception that 'cancer is a white man's disease'.
"I wanted to show that HIV was coming home in the form of a young mother," she said, adding that until then, people thought of AIDS as "a gay white man's disease." (In Canada, one aboriginal person per day is becoming infected with HIV.
Lewis-Thornton, who was infected by her lover at age 23, challenged the widely held belief that AIDS is a gay White man's disease, and has since authored a book, Amazing Grace: Letters Along the Way, that discusses her ordeal.
"And there's still a misconception out there that it (HIV/ AIDS) is a gay white man's disease. People continue to think it won't affect us, but it does."
Among the films shown will be One False Move, a thriller directed by Carl Franklin and starring Billy Bob Thornton and Cynda Williams, and The White Man's Disease, a documentary on black attitudes to homosexuality by Handsworth-based director Steve McLean.