White Dust

A regional term for any powder that is a drug or serves as a vehicle for an illicit drug—e.g., amphetamine, cocaine, heroin, LSD
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References in classic literature ?
Like millstones do they work, and like pestles: throw only seed-corn unto them!--they know well how to grind corn small, and make white dust out of it.
Twice or thrice, for example, during the sunny hours of the day, a water-cart went along by the Pyncheon House, leaving a broad wake of moistened earth, instead of the white dust that had risen at a lady's lightest footfall; it was like a summer shower, which the city authorities had caught and tamed, and compelled it into the commonest routine of their convenience.
The clouds of white dust that blew up the street, the gusts of hot wind that withered his vegetable garden, never disturbed his calm.
As soon as they had approached within a distance of perhaps thirty yards they halted, and bowing on knees and elbows began flinging the white dust upon their heads.
As Hewet had no knowledge of music, Rachel took his stick and drew figures in the thin white dust to explain how Bach wrote his fugues.
Video shot by Syrian White Helmet first responders show buildings reduced to dust, victims being loaded into ambulances and dazed survivors covered with white dust. The Observatory said an airstrike on Idlib Sunday killed 12.
Survivors covered in white dust were among those who lifted a wounded man on a gurney and a young girl into an ambulance.
Professionals shall wear white dust coats with nametags clearly displayed.
And the white dust on the cabbages is a mildew fungus.
The former senior staff member of the fast food restaurant, who wished to remain anonymous, shared the (https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/plymouth-news/kfc-whistleblower-leaks-pictures-inside-2704291?_ga=2.250940225.610932967.1554093713-23876100.1552365881) photos with Plymouth Live, which showed company-manufactured bags of flour and shelves covered in rodent feces, boxes of vegetable oil covered in white dust that looked like flour, and appliances and utensils untidily dumped one on top of the other.
Sandra, 73, who he was married to for more than 50 years, said: "I can remember Eddie's time working at the steelworks so clearly, particularly how he always used to leave work covered from head to toe in white dust.