White Coat Ceremony

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A rite-of-passage ritual at which first-year medical—and other health professional (e.g., pharmacology)—students pledge commitment to their (future) patients, then receive their symbolic (short) white coats as a sign of commitment to compassion and excellence and formally read the Hippocratic Oath for the first time
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MULTAN -- First ever White Coat ceremony was held at Nishtar Medical University wherein the coats, which is symbol of dignity and honour for them, were disbursed among the first year students.
Oman Medical College is organizing a White Coat Ceremony on 20 December 2017 for the Final Year, Bachelor of Pharmacy students at their Baushar Campus, on Wednesday, under the patronage of Dr.
CMED held on December 8 its 2nd Annual White Coat Ceremony, in which 73 second-year Medical students took the College of Medicine Student Oath and donned the symbolic white coat in front of an audience of more than 260 invited guests and well-wishers.
The proposed hospital will provide students clinical training in the near future," said Dr Hassan al-Derham while speaking at the second annual white coat ceremony of the Qatar University College of Medicine (QU-CMED).
Dubai: Over 37 students of the class of 2023 at the Mohammad Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRY) participated in a formal white coat ceremony on Tuesday, marking their initiation into the six-year Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery programme.
The White Coat Ceremony is the finale of WCM-Q's Orientation Program, where all of the college's new students are introduced to the faculty and staff, and learn more about the state-of-the-art facilities that are available to them.
Recently there was also a picture of SFCC nursing students during the first White Coat Ceremony for the co-enrolled students who are working towards both their Associate in Applied Sciences (AAS) and Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees while staying at SFCC.
by Staff Reporter White Coat Ceremony for final year B.
On Friday October 16th, 2015 I had the privilege to attend ETSU's very first White Coat Ceremony for the College of Nursing class of December 2017 at the Martha Street Culp Auditorium D.
LAST SUMMER I ATTENDED A WHITE COAT ceremony at my daughter's medical school.
From a mock white coat ceremony where "students" received a doctor's coat and stethoscope, to time spent studying lab specimens and patient diagnosis scenarios, the event was designed to educate the community on what it takes to transform medical students into the next generation of health care leaders.
I think back to my first day of medical school, to the white coat ceremony I'd attended with an eager anticipation of my life as a doctor.