White Biotechnology

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Biotech applied to industrial processes; the use of cells, natural organisms and bio-organic compounds to synthesise materials, instead of petrochemicals or substitution of enzymes for caustic reagents
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For DSM biosuccinic is the first in a range of major bio-materials it is planning to develop from its expertise in white biotechnology. Biosuccinic in particular has enormous potential to provide a variety of new compounds and applications in coatings and other sectors.
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"The positioning of the all components of the forest-wood chain in a bio-based economy will provide a major but realistic challenge in bringing forward innovative developments in our sector." So, while green biotechnology guides the raw material side of the production equation, white biotechnology holds the key to clean bioprocessing of forestry waste, turning into multiple uses of wood (multifunctionality concept), whether for bioenergy, renewable biomaterials or environmentally-sound uses of wood fibre in the pulp and paper industry.
Industrial biotechnology, or white biotechnology, involves the usage of enzymes and microorganisms to produce bioenergy.