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To speak without phonation, as with an open posterior part of the glottis.
[A.S. hwisprian]
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(hwĭs′pĕr) [AS. hwisprian]
1. Speech with a low, soft voice; a low, sibilant sound.
2. To utter in a low sound.

cavernous whisper

Direct transmission of a whisper through a cavity in auscultation.
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The upcoming Whisperer War may provide another unique and powerful way for the character to go and steer the series into a more dramatic path.
What deal will the heroes reach with the Whisperers? Whatever it is, it may come with a heavy price.
Coral Whisperers is exceptional in its scientific detail but also in relating the personal stories of the scientists, or "whisperers," who follow the lives of corals and invest their own lives in striving to preserve them.
The Hair Whisperers was established in 2006 by Amy Goldreyer to help families get rid of lice in the comfort and privacy of their home.
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'The Whisperers: Private Lives in Stalin's Russia' includes gripping testimonies of ordinary Russians who were children in the 1930s.
Groups of yobs are put in a field with the horses and taught in the style of hit movie The Horse Whisperer how to communicate without confrontation.
She is hoping to get the scheme off the ground in October with the help of horse whisperer Mark Hudson.
For once Redford, who flies into Britain today to plug The Horse Whisperer, is not the real hero.
Judith will instinctively be aware of the danger they face from the Whisperers. The preview video of the next episode shows that she will be particularly concerned about the safety of Hilltop.
You've heard of baby whisperers and dog whisperers, yes?