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To speak without phonation, as with an open posterior part of the glottis.
[A.S. hwisprian]


(hwĭs′pĕr) [AS. hwisprian]
1. Speech with a low, soft voice; a low, sibilant sound.
2. To utter in a low sound.

cavernous whisper

Direct transmission of a whisper through a cavity in auscultation.
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The centuries old technique was made famous in the film the Horse Whisperer, starring Redford, and is an alternative method of breaking in horses.
Robert Redford in the movie |The Horse Whisperer Robert Redford in the movie
HORSE PLAY: Ryan Houghton was among Bootle teens who learned to be a horse whisperer for Channel 4 documentary The First Cut SUCCESSFUL: Horse whisperer Kelly Fields
You also mention Lewis Siegelbaum, who reviewed The Whisperers in the London Review of Books his first appearance there--instead of Sheila Fitzpatrick (the usual reviewer of Russian books for the LRB).
As on all movies that use animals, the AHA has issued a full written report on The Horse Whisperer and we were entirely satisfied no cruelty took place.
Hair Whisperers brings their safe, non-toxic methods of killing and removing lice and nits to San Luis and San Bernadino Counties.
The back to school bump in head lice cases is due to summer activities like camps, sleep overs, and sports or recreational activities where public helmets and equipment are shared,” said Amy Goldreyer, Founder or Hair Whisperers.
Hair Whisperers offers lice products to make it easy to perform checks throughout your vacation so lice doesn't end summer fun.
In business since 2006, Hair Whisperers Founder, Amy Goldreyer, has been treating people with lice using non-toxic options including manual removal, and more recently, the single treatment option of the LouseBuster[TM] Treatment.
Each year schools and camps send letters home telling parents to check their kids for lice, but they have no idea what they are looking for," said Hair Whisperers owner Amy Goldreyer.