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Charles, English physicist, 1802-1875. See: Wheatstone bridge.
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Under the State Development Agreement for the Wheatstone Project, the proponents have funded the full construction of the State-owned port.
Wheatstone was a member of the distinguished Fellowship of the Royal Society, the oldest scientific academy of its type, with such luminaries as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein among its number.
We are excited to be teaming up with Wheatstone to demonstrate the versatility and flexibility in our solutions for remote production.
Miranda, "Comparison of microstrain indicators measurements based on Anderson's Loop and Wheatstone Bridge", in Proc.
Now as part of Wheatstone, VoxPro will benefit from the company's 24/7 support and distribution channel that includes a worldwide footprint spanning the United States, France, UK, Germany, Scandinavia, Middle East, North Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, India, China, and Malaysia.
A I have tracked down the ledger for the Wheatstone Company in the USA and your model appears to have been made for a Mr Moule on December 19, 1854.
But Wheatstone bolted, struck by an attack of glossophobia (fear of public speaking).
Shell's new CEO will slash its $46 billion capital spending budget, exit Alaska's high cost drilling and sell $15 billion in assets in such as its Wheatstone LNG stake sale to Kuwait.
Wheatstone, one of the super-sized Australian LNG projects due to come on stream over the next few years, is about 25% complete.
These agreements, and the previously announced sales and purchase agreement, increases TEPCO's total Wheatstone LNG offtake to 4.
The deal is in addition to the earlier announced contract to supply coatings on the gas supply trunkline for the Wheatstone Project.