Whale Tail

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Any structure that bears a structural verisimilitude to a whale’s tail
Cardiology The apex of the most distal branch of the left anterior descending (LAD) or the anterior interventricular branch of left coronary artery at the apex have been called a whale tail, moustache, or pitchfork. The LAD traverses the anterior interventricular sulcus, giving rise to septal and diagonal branches before bifurcating distally and tapering out as whale tails
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Right, Ant and Frank talk about the famous Whale Tail, Ant gets to work on the car and takes a break on set with Mike
While Agnico Eagle's focus in the latter half of the year was on the Whale Tail zone, results from the I, V and R zones continued to indicate significant gold-bearing zones that will receive more work in the future.
Humpback whale tail flukes have black and white pigment patterns that can match one or several categories (Fig.
WHALE HUNT: But the team searching for Blue Whales off the coast of Ireland intend them no harm - film-maker Tony Whelan says a single sighting will be a huge boost to tourism; SKIPPER: Joe Aston;MARINE WAVE: Distinctive whale tail
Our Native stonework and whale tail fountain gives visitors a flavor of America's Last Frontier.
Since I was a nipper, we would drive past a 911 and the whole shape captured my imagination with the whale tail and big frog eyes,' he said.
Customers will be invited to make a minimum pounds 1 donation to purchase Whale Tail badges, with all proceeds going to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).
com)-- Westfield Auction House has recently acquired two original paintings by Robert Wyland, best known for his peaceful depictions of sea life - more specifically, his 100 life-sized murals of whale tails and offspring.
Once the acrobatics end and whale tails disappear from view, Riviera Nayarit's 192 miles of Pacific coastline has plenty of magnificent sights, all laced with Mexico's enchanting culture and traditions.
WHALE tails, fake fins and a whole host of strange noises were on the curriculum for schoolchildren who have been learning how to spot the marine life off the coast.
Lo invito, pues, a <<cambiar de canal>> y a sumergirse en nuevas aguas, para saber que las bingo wings, whale tails y los muffin tops no son especies, sino senas particulares de algunos cuerpecitos humanos de esos que no pueden participar en concursos de belleza; para asombrarse con los numeros de obesidad en Mexico y en el mundo; para aclarar, de una vez por todas, que el genero y el sexo no tienen nada que ver; para reirse con mas <<gases del oficio>> y otros dislates en cascada; para aprender a poner bien una mesa--y saber de paso quien invento el tenedor--, y para darse un quemon al enterarse de que.