Whale Tail

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Any structure that bears a structural verisimilitude to a whale’s tail
Cardiology The apex of the most distal branch of the left anterior descending (LAD) or the anterior interventricular branch of left coronary artery at the apex have been called a whale tail, moustache, or pitchfork. The LAD traverses the anterior interventricular sulcus, giving rise to septal and diagonal branches before bifurcating distally and tapering out as whale tails
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"We have engaged a fantastic artist and environmentalist, Jacha, who will design and | Plans for A Whale Tail fabricate the sculptures free of charge.
A recent confirmation hole in the Whale Tail North deposit returned 19.5 g/t gold over 7.0 metres at 477 metres depth, which could expand the mineral resources outline.
Once the 'detectives' determined their number of whales, they searched through a to-scale outline of a bowhead whale for whale tails with their logbook colour on them.
Right, Ant and Frank talk about the famous Whale Tail, Ant gets to work on the car and takes a break on set with Mike
Revised in the sense that those awful runny-egg-yolk headlights have been dumped in favor of the more nostalgic ones currently in use; but definitely not revised in the sense that the huge back-end, or whale tail, has been downsized.
However the survey revealed that flashing your thong above your pants is definitely not the done thing anymore with just 4% of women admitting that they flash their 'whale tail
Whale skin fetches over [yen] 5,000 per kilogram; tail parts fetch [yen] 10,000 per kilogram, and a whale tail can bring in [yen] 2-3 million.
Humpback whale tail flukes have black and white pigment patterns that can match one or several categories (Fig.
WHALE HUNT: But the team searching for Blue Whales off the coast of Ireland intend them no harm - film-maker Tony Whelan says a single sighting will be a huge boost to tourism; SKIPPER: Joe Aston;MARINE WAVE: Distinctive whale tail
A whale tail New Zealand's A storm had caused severe flooding in earthquake-recovering Christchurch, as if the poor folk there had not already had enough to put up with.