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A regional term for an excessively prepared EMS worker
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The new weed whacker, I had to admit, was a small miracle of miniaturization.
Boateng attempted to commit an assault and battery with the weed whacker and that he attempted to place Ms.
Met Eirean meteorologist John Eagleton told the Irish Mirror: "The Whacker is going to be in these parts on Thursday, there's no doubt about that, but at the moment we're not in any danger.
According to an itemized bill Traina received from city Corporation Counsel Craig Johnson, five strapping men wielding no fewer than four weed whackers labored in the yard for a full quarter of an hour.
He chatted on and I politely listened - I mean, he had taken the trouble to call - and, as our conversation drew to a close, he said, "Do you want to speak to Whacker?" How could I refuse?
A "weed whacker" caught him in his right eye, and his sight was so badly impaired that has never played again.
Whacker O'Brien, the trainer's travelling groom, said: "Pat said she was brave.
"The cricketers are, I think, Stockton players and I think one of them is Wally Buffham, aka Whacker.
INLA boss Declan 'Whacker' Duffy is terrified of being killed and sleeps in a different bed EVERY night, it was claimed yesterday.
Ian Woodvine smashed his UK personal best with a 27lb 8oz whacker, fishing a small PVA bag of crushed Maple 8 boilies and pellets.
Ifor Williams 12ft Livestock Trailer pounds 380, Double Horsebox pounds 380 PZ Haybob pounds 360, Ifor Williams Plant Trailer pounds 360, McConnell Back Acter Ditcher pounds 350, Westmac Mower pounds 350, Bolens Brush Mower pounds 340, Weeks Tipping Trailer pounds 320, Plant Trailer pounds 310, 1935 Morris Ten Four Automobile pounds 310, Car Trailer pounds 300, Toyota Hilux Pick Up (G Reg) pounds 300, Whacker Plat pounds 280, 4 Berth Caravan pounds 270, Whacker Plat pounds 260, Dove Cote pounds 260.
They appear to be "made of balsa wood and duct tape, with two small propellers attached to what look like the engines of a weed whacker," the AP reported in March.