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Norman C., 20th-century U.S. pediatrician. See: Wetzel grid.
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The persons are, Captain Arnault, of the French army; Surgeon Surville, of the French ambulance; Surgeon Wetzel, of the German army; Mercy Merrick, attached as nurse to the French ambulance; and Grace Roseberry, a traveling lady on her way to England.
Training Case Study With Charlotte Pipe," S, Wetzel
Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) helped secure a long overdue Purple Heart earned by Midkiff native, Wetzel Sundown Sanders.
Synopsis: In words as clear and sharp as cut crystal glass, the memoir of Janice Wood Wetzel, "Sorrows & Songs: One Lifetime--Many Lives" unflinchingly tells the story of a bright, beautiful, and promising young child who forged towards a fully realized life in spite of years of physical and mental abuse at the hands of her parents and pervasive society-wide gender discrimination.
Founded in 1994, Wetzel's Pretzels includes a range of fresh baked soft pretzels, Wetzel Dogs, Wetzel Bitz and beverages.
Wetzel, a former registered sales assistant at LPL Financial and since-convicted felon, was transferring money from the customer's Prudential variable annuity account to a third-party bank account in his wife's maiden name.
Wetzel was indicted in 2014 in Federal District Court in Greenbelt, Maryland on wire fraud and money laundering charges, and pleaded guilty to money laundering in 2015.
The whole setting with its particular ambience, its food which includes schnitzel and spicy sausages and above all its tasty beer - alcoholic and non-alcoholic - is a testimony to the entrepreneurial drive and vision of the founder of the group of linked wEst businesses, Petra wetzel.
SPRINGFIELD - Rick Wetzel says he is no hero, just a guy who happened to be "in the right place at the right time.
com)-- Koe Wetzel and Konvicts is a band that was formed by a group of East Texas boys.
Members of the Wetzel County Solid Waste Authority approached the county commissioners regarding the disposal of drilling waste in the Wetzel County Landfill.
As we continue to grow at Inland, it was important for us to look into how we could expand our current footprint," explains Wetzel.