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The personnel—programmers, operators, managers, etc.—who create the computer -wares, including hardware, software, and vapourware, on which computers depend, and keep them functioning
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In this manner, Stephenson's depiction of the modern shapes and functions of cyberspace comprise a series of ambivalent approaches to cognitive and socialist technologies that, paradoxically, appear always within the control of ambiguous abstruse patriarchs who, on the one hand become aware of their role as large-scale social leaders, and on the other promote the hyperconsciousness of the complex mind of hive wetwares as the basis of self-controlled social evolution.
At the start of Wetware, Stahn is hired by the molecular biologist and merge- manufacturer Max Yukawa to find his missing lab assistant, Delia Taze.
These are described at the level of functional mechanisms, which is more concrete than Newell's (1982) "knowledge level" and more abstract than the implementation level of hardware or wetware.
This early cyborg is the human enhanced, a hybrid physical construction of wetware, hardware, and software who is without conscious effort able to adjust its homeostatic mechanisms to provide stable if not superior operation in a variety of friendl y and unfriendly environments.
These were the first artificial intelligence programs, fitted to the wetware of the human brain and nervous system but able to evoke in the minds of the living the knowledge and skills and style of intelligence of the dead.
These researchers "refer to carbon-based life forms, such as humans, as wetware because of their high water content," notes Barry.
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