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Patient discussion about bedwetting

Q. Is the link between bedwetting and medicines possible? I am really worried about my 6 year old son. He is bedwetting these days every night. Initially I thought it was normal with children and then I noticed that after his diagnosis with ADHD last year the doctor has prescribed him some meds and bedwetting started thereafter. ..I think it is because of medicines. My elder son never had this problem at any point of time and he is not ADHD. Is the link between bedwetting and meds possible?

A. Well the link between ADHD and bedwetting is not clear and moreover it is common in children with or without ADHD…but ADHD children do have a higher chances of bedwetting, the reason understood are that they do not realize the importance of bed wetting and wetting doesn’t discomforts them, moreover children with ADHD are distractible and do not pay attention to the signals of the need to avoid and thus piss on bed. Your elder son did not have ADHD so he understood the controls and the need and was psychologically stronger.

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Likewise, children stop wetting the bed at different ages.
This happened until I was 13 or 14, it didn't stop me wetting the bed.
Parents should exercise patience with their child, and understand that their child is not wetting the bed on purpose.
The court was told the sickening acts were doled out as "punishment" for the little boy - who cannot be named for legal reasons - wetting the bed.
Q MY wife and I are really concerned about our ten-year-old daughter, who is still wetting the bed.
He believed, for instance, that most social learning and acculturation takes place as a series of intensely emotional experiences in the early lives of children the pain of a hand on the frying pan, the shame of wetting the bed.
Usually the child will stop wetting the bed at about the same age his parent(s) did.
Williams allegedly told carer Susan Jones she smacked the two men and ``walloped'' one for wetting the bed.
Her sisters had problems, wetting the bed every night.
The younger one is wetting the bed and is very clingy.
BEING interrupted in a compromising position, wetting the bed and sleep-walking are some of the most common mishaps on a hotel break, a survey has revealed.