Westphal-Leyden syndrome

Westphal-Leyden syndrome

Acute ataxia An AD disease of childhood that progesses to death within 10 yrs of onset Clinical Vertigo, vomiting, proximal muscular rigidity, convulsive seizures, and mental defects
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Ernst V. von, German physician, 1832-1910.
Charcot-Leyden crystals - see under Charcot
Leyden ataxia - Synonym(s): Westphal-Leyden syndrome
Leyden crystals - Synonym(s): Charcot-Leyden crystals
Leyden disease
Leyden-Möbius muscular dystrophy - Synonym(s): limb-girdle muscular dystrophy
Leyden neuritis - fatty degeneration of the fibers of the affected nerve.
Westphal-Leyden syndrome - see under Westphal


Karl Freiderich Otto, German neuranatomist and psychiatrist, 1833-1890.
Edinger-Westphal nucleus - see under Edinger
Erb-Westphal sign - see under Erb
Strümpell-Westphal disease - Synonym(s): Wilson disease
Westphal ataxia - Synonym(s): Westphal-Leyden syndrome
Westphal disease - Synonym(s): Wilson disease
Westphal phenomenon - Synonym(s): Erb-Westphal sign
Westphal pseudosclerosis - Synonym(s): Wilson disease
Westphal pupillary reflex - Synonym(s): Piltz sign
Westphal sign - Synonym(s): Erb-Westphal sign
Westphal-Erb sign - Synonym(s): Erb-Westphal sign
Westphal-Leyden syndrome - absence of knee jerk reflex characteristic of neurosyphilitic disease. Synonym(s): Leyden ataxia; Westphal ataxia
Westphal-Piltz phenomenon - Synonym(s): Piltz sign
Westphal-Strümpell pseudosclerosis - Synonym(s): Wilson disease
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