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Karl F.O., German neurologist, 1833-1890. See: Westphal pupillary reflex, Westphal-Piltz phenomenon, Edinger-Westphal nucleus.
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Westphal also notes that the customer relationship plays a vital role with each of the PLCA members and should continue to be explored in new ways.
The development occupies a city block, and the land is owned by the Westphal Group of Fort Smith.
Luke Westphal and the Chicago Dogs pitching staff hurled 9 stellar frames, stifling the Milwaukee Milkmen in a 5-1 victory on Tuesday night at Impact Field in Rosemont.
The work "Biblical Hermeneutics: Five Views" (2012) presents the five main directions of biblical hermeneutics today: the historical and postmodernist (Scott Spencer), the philosophical and theological (Merold Westphal), the atoning-historical (Richard Gaffin, Jr.) canonical (Robert Wall).
Westphal, a gifted education and science consultant, provides 48 hands-on learning experiences in physical science for students in sixth through eighth grade.
Seven-time NBA All-Star Jack Sikma and five-time NBA All-Stars Chris Webber and Paul Westphal were among 13 people named Friday as finalists for 2019 induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame.
Next Door Company and (https://www.insurancejournal.com/news/southeast/2016/06/09/411469.htm) Westphal v.
The firm said that Philip Westphal has joined the company as a risk advisor/broker at its healthcare practice.
Relievers Ethan Westphal and Mike Bunal did the rest for the Hawks, each throwing two scoreless innings.
Related to that ruling, Hamon said, the First District Court of Appeal examined the same question as Westphal but applied to workers with partial disabilities who were also limited to 104 weeks of benefits.
Westphal. "Users can now browse their IMatch database on their tablets, smart phones or TV sets and share their asset collection with family, friends and colleagues."
According to court records, Geek Squad technician John "Trey" Westphal, an FBI informant, reported he accidentally located on Rettenmaier's computer an image of "a fully nude, white prepubescent female on her hands and knees on a bed, with a brown choker-type collar around her neck." Westphal notified his boss, Justin Meade, also an FBI informant, who alerted colleague Randall Ratliff, another FBI informant at Best Buy, as well as the FBI.