Western transfer

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Western transfer


Western blotting

a method for transferring proteins, that have been separated by GEL ELECTROPHORESIS, from the gel to a membrane support. The method is named by analogy with SOUTHERN TRANSFER.
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Interchangeable modular inserts enable users to combine vertical PAGE with capillary gel IEF to perform 2-D electrophoresis followed by Western transfer for enhanced sensitivity.
We performed immunostaining for P2X7 receptors using cell homogenates of [GH.sub.4][C.sub.1] cells on Western transfers. [GH.sub.4][C.sub.1] cells were removed from 100-mm dishes with PBS-EDTA and resuspended in PBS containing protease inhibitors (4 [micro]M phenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride and 2 [micro]g/mL each of pepstatin, leupeptin, trypsin inihibitor, and aprotinin).
We examined the presence of the P2X7 receptor by immunostaining Western transfers of [GH.sub.4][C.sub.1] cell membranes.

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