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"(48) Other work of the refurbished Engineering Department--especially after 1909 and 1910--involved a search for formative innovations: for instance, the development of new means of improving long-distance transmission and explorations into wireless telephony.(49) The AT&T department's chief role in this work might best be termed "R&D Planning": it decided exactly what the System needed and what the specifications of the innovation should be; then it turned over the tasks of both research and development to the Western Electric Company (WECo).
Dreyfuss's designs for the Bell System, realized in collaboration with the Labs and Western Electric, remain a foundation of today's human/electronic interfaces.
In the summer of 1976, the Western Electric Company, longtime manufacturing subsidiary to AT&T, earned a place of infamy in the arc of equal employment opportunity enforcement.
Allied Resins got the contract to reprocess and compound all the plastic coatings that Western Electric had stripped from used wire--five or six railcars a month of black cable scrap.
At exactly 5.20 pm, when the engineer, doubling up as an announcer, said 'This is the Birmingham Broadcasting Station, the Western Electric Company.
With a heritage that reaches back to the birth of American quality at Western Electric, OFS supports a set of core values that include organizational learning, quality in innovation, valuing people and diverse needs, and management by actionable metrics.
Historically, Graybar was the distribution arm of the Western Electric Co., which was spun off in 1926 and then bought by its employees in 1929.
Three years later, when Gray & Barton was renamed Western Electric Company, the company supplied telegraph components to the Western Union Telegraph Company.
* The Western Electric Co., New York City, manufactured an adjustable telephone bracket, allowing users to keep telephones within reach and ready for use without knocking papers off the desk.
Western Electric's parents were Western Union in the 1870s and AT&T in the 1890s.
Western Electric Corporation (WEC) is an industrial Cinderella: the inconspicuous step-sister of the Bell Companies, hidden in the shadows for a century, only to burst forth as the main component of the glamorous Lucent Technologies in 1996.

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