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J., 20th-century German physician. See: Werther disease.
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They fret, and fume, and rage, and pant, and die; "but I, mein Werther, sit above it all; I am alone with the stars."
He is akin, of course, to Obermann, to Rene, even to Werther, and, on our first introduction to him, we might think that we had to do only with one more of the vague "renunciants," who in real life followed those creations of fiction, and who, however delicate, interesting as a study, and as it were picturesque on the stage of life, are themselves, after all, essentially passive, uncreative, and therefore necessarily not of first-rate importance in literature.
When it became known that she was noble, of an ancient English family, that her husband was a Colonel of the Guard, Excellenz and Governor of an island, only separated from his lady by one of those trifling differences which are of little account in a country where Werther is still read and the Wahlverwandtschaften of Goethe is considered an edifying moral book, nobody thought of refusing to receive her in the very highest society of the little Duchy; and the ladies were even more ready to call her du and to swear eternal friendship for her than they had been to bestow the same inestimable benefits upon Amelia.
Massenet's Werther was one of VOICEBOX: Opera In Concert founder, Stuart Hamilton's favourite operas.
From the French repertoire (Faure's 'Apres un reve') to the heart-rending aria from Werther, ('Pourquoi me reveiller') and the Russian Eugene Onegin aria, the tenor gave it all he had and emerged totally victorious.
For more information, to learn about the research and science behind NeurotriS' proprietary microcurrent technology or to schedule an interview with Tony Picciano, please contact Ellen Werther (212-980-4499/ellen@ellenink.com).
An exceptionally prolific performer, Alvarez debuted in the title role in Massenet's Werther in 1997, followed by performances over the next nine years in a total of eight opera houses including London, Vienna and Munich.
For the third year running, the firm has taken on two manufacturing engineering students from Berufskolleg Werther Brucke, a college of vocational training and higher professional education in Wuppertal.
Through him we meet aspiring actress Billie Cantrip, journalist Freya Wyley, German wunderkind film director Reiner Werther Kloss and gangster kingpin Harry Pulver, as well as a host of other film types.
Officials at Werther's Original believe it is so, and that is why they have introduced Werther's Original Cocoa Creme Soft Caramels, pairing rich, creamy Werther's Original caramel with a smooth, luxurious, creamy chocolate filling.
GOETHE'S NOVELS PROVIDE EASIER access for an English speaker: there is Die Leiden des jungen Werther (The Sufferings of Young Werther) which made him internationally famous at age 25.