Wertheim, Ernst

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Ernst, Austrian gynecologist, 1864-1920.
Schauta-Wertheim operation
Wertheim clamp
Wertheim deep surgery scissors
Wertheim forceps
Wertheim hysterectomy
Wertheim needle holder
Wertheim operation - a radical surgery for carcinoma of the uterus.
Wertheim vaginal forceps
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A Wertheim hysterectomy for cervical cancer is for those with stage 1 disease; those who require later radiation for positive or close margins or positive lymph nodes receive no survival benefit at all from the preceding radical hysterectomy, but only its complications, stress and cost.
Traditional resection of cervical cancer usually involves a radical abdominal Wertheim hysterectomy or a radical vaginal Shauta hysterectomy; a complete bilateral pelvic lymphadenectomy is used with either approach.