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Ernst, Austrian gynecologist, 1864-1920. See: Wertheim operation.
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A gym, planned to be used as a shelter, was burned down, said the police in Wertheim City, adding that no casualties was reported during the fire.
Contract notice: Planning and construction supervision services for the realization of the flood protection measure on the schleutleins- and hE[micro]hklinge in wertheim.
Jnhns Manville, a Berkshire Hathaway company and a leading manufacturer of premium-quality building, specialty filtration products, has completed an expansion of its microglass fiber nonwoven production for air filtration media at its plant in Wertheim, Germany.
Leanne Wertheim, 24, bought knock-offs from China with three times the legal amount of lead and sold them as top brands on eBay.
The piece, choreographed by founder Noa Wertheim, explores tensions between light and dark, hollow and whole, and interior and exterior Set in black and white against the stark, implied shape of a house, Mana exhibits Vertigo's hallmark physicality combined with a quiet fluidity that resembles calligraphy
Though he has committed suicide shortly before the first scene opens, Friedrick Wertheim is the central focus of the play.
The Wertheim Powerbrush claims to pick up twice as much dirt, dust and dead skin cells as normal vacuum cleaners - so if you thought your house was clean already, think again.
Wertheim for capturing this great moment in tennis history and hopefully further jolting the popularity of tennis.
As if I wasn't aware already, his methodical technique and experienced expectations exposed Joe Wertheim for what he is .
Wertheim is famed for glass-making - there's a glass museum here too - and you can pick up an informative English language leaflet which guides you around the town's principal attractions.
Therefore, geologists haven't been able to determine when the southernmost portions of South America's Andes, as a whole, rose to their current heights, says Jill Wertheim, a paleontologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara.