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J., 20th-century German physician. See: Werther disease.
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Brusco, Sebastiano (1979), Enrico Giovannetti and Werter Malagoli.
"We have sold meat products, pork, poultry and beef to Cuba, but over the years we have reduced our sales to Cuba because of payment issues," said the company's executive vice-president, Werter Mior.
In this sense, Caleb, as a tragic figure of sensibility and a potential precedent for Wollstonecraft as a "female Werter," is a more compelling anticipation of Godwin's own role in the Memoirs, where the power of narrative enunciation resides in the feminized body of the melancholic hero bitterly lamenting the tragedy of lost love.
They said he was sensible, well-informed, and agreeable; we did not pretend to judge of such trifles, but as we were convinced he had no soul, that he had never read the Sorrows of Werter, & that his hair bore not the least resemblance to auburn, we were certain that Janetta could feel no affection for him, or at least that she ought to feel none.
* for example,--"dsjalf dasfa werter" (Also, don't classify Depth of Explanation or Complexity categories)
DuBois, Dark Princess: A Romance (1928); Werter Livingston Gross, The Golden Recovery, Revealing a Streamlined Co-operative Economic System Compiled from the Best Authorities in the World, both Ancient and Modern (1946); Thomas E.
(40) Among other things, Ryder edited, introduced, and finally published Ticknor's translation of Goethe's Die Leiden des Jungen Werthers (The Sorrows of Young Werter).
Camera (color), Luca Coassin, Werter Germondari; editor, Valentina Girodo; music, Giuliano Taviani; production designer, Fiamma Benvignati; sound, Davide Gaudenzi, F.
L'avvento del sonoro nella societa dell'immagine lascia presagire, piu ancora che i tormenti del Giovane Werter e le visionarie considerazioni di Friedrich Nietzsche, una sorta di mutazione concettuale operante nell'Occidente di intensita maggiore di quella prevista dalla Riforma luterana.
Those unable or unwilling to tackle Sturm's classic style can find nine of his treatises here: Advice on What Organization to Give to the Gymnasium in Strasbourg (1538); The Correct Opening of Elementary Schools of Letters (1538); On the Lost Art of Speaking (1538); Liberally Educated Nobility, for the Werter Brothers (1549); On the Education of Princes (1551); Concerning the English Nobility, for Roger Ascham (1551); The Lauingen School (1565); Classical Letters (1565); and Academic Letters (1569).