Werewolf Syndrome

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A rare disorder in which there is significant overgrowth of hair in the head and neck and upper body
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On "Moon Of Desire," which premieres on Monday, March 31, JC plays leading man to a young woman who has hypertrichosis - also known as "werewolf syndrome."
A Mexican woman, who suffered from werewolf syndrome and travelled with a circus, has been laid to rest in her hometown 150 years after her death.
Also known as werewolf syndrome - it's denoted by an abnormal amount of hair growth on the body.
Jesus, said to be the first wolf person in Britain for 30 years, has hair all over his face due to a condition called hypertrichosis, or werewolf syndrome.
Jesus has a rare condition called hypertrichosis - also called werewolf syndrome as it causes large amounts of hair to grow across the body.